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Who We Are

Senior Health Consulting Alliance [SHCA] is an alliance of independent consultant pharmacistsclinically-trained in geriatric pharmacology. Our founders have over 30+ years experience in the long term health care industry and have earned their reputation for excellence.

Our independent pharmacists are evaluated for competency, reliability, efficiency and motivation. The independent consultant’s livelihood is dependent on their professional commitment, personalized service and drive for excellence. Their success is based on your success.

Benefits of SHCA

SHCA provides technologies that give your independent practice a competitive edge. Acutely aware of the need for technology — and based on input from our membership — SHCA can help you better serve your patients through our unique ability to develop custom software and other practice tools.

In fact, SHCA has developed proprietary software using the latest technology and supported by Tommy Philpot, PharmD, FASCP, CGP. Dr. Philpot incorporates an excellent clinical knowledge and years of consulting experience into a program that is easy to use and complements the consulting efforts.

In addition to the standard monthly MRR [Medication Regimen Reviews], SHCA's excellent consulting software generates numerous reports including regulatory scans, lab and psychotropic tracking and facility compliance. Upon request, SHCA can provide other reports, including disease management modules.

SHCA's "Interim Medicine Regiment Review" (MRR) provides an immediate consult to all new, re-admitted, short-stay or significant change residents.When appropriate, SHCA's consultant pharmacists evaluate and recommend medication changes based on the residents medical records and history.

As a member of SHCA, you will be eligible for our downloadable resources. SHCA provides unique clinical tools, custom forms, disease-based presentations, disease management guidelines, web links, policy and procedures and other products crucial to your success as an independent pharmacist.

SHCA provides business opportunities through our reputation and alliances with pharmacy and other health care organizations. SHCA can help expand your clinical practice by matching your expertise in geriatric pharmacology with organizations and/or facilities in your area.

As the SHCA membership grows, group discounts on equipment, health insurance and other resources will become available to help you grow your practice through more affordable resources.